(In)Coherence Podcast Artwork Image


Ellen Berkovi

Brain meets world. Neuroscience chats with art. We mean for this podcast to trail the phosphorescent nets that capture the shared preoccupations of neuroscience and art. What do we really know about the hard problem of consciousness? And how does what has been learned about the brain overlap with what remains unknown: the mysteries of violence, beauty, sublimity, human sentience? Where is the edge between me and world? What do some of the world's leading neuroscientists say about what they go to work for? We gather as an interdisciplinary team of a writer, a painter, a physicist and a neuroscientist. The idea was for artists to ask questions about how neuroscience sees what it sees, and knows what it knows, and what we all can learn about the promise and challenge of asking better questions.(In)coherence was funded by a STEAMPlant grant from Pratt Institute.